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[sticky post] Hello, again; hello, for the first time, too :-)

So I've had this thing as an honest-to-god journal for a few years, by which I mean the sort of thing people used to have a lock on and hide under the bed.  There are a very few of you who've been in on that (whether you wanted to be or not!); thank you for the support and kindness and wisdom.  I do realize that a lot of people use LJ to, uh, communicate more broadly.  So I've "me only"'ed a whole bunch of relationship angsting so as to make this a useable thing for what I would like to use it for.  She said articulately.

Sigh.  Hello.

I do still have a thing about internet privacy, quaint as that may sound, so this will continue to be almost entirely friends-locked.  So if you know me, say hello.

Top Girls open!


What a great, challenging script, and what a great cast I have.  The show hit a new level of awesome at the Saturday matinee (just in time for DigBoston critics and Larry Stark).  I am so proud of these actresses, and this whole team.  Come see it!


I've forgotten to signal-boost, but here we go, now:

I'm in two theatrical extravaganzas that are coming up!  The first is Post-Meridian Radio Players' Summer show, in whch I do a Gracie Allen impersonation for an old Burns & Allen show that was originally broadcast on the radio.  Info for that:

And then there's Christmas Revels, too!

I'm excited about both!  imlad will be in the PMRP production with me, which is fantastic, and the Revels is something I've wanted to do for years and years and finally I got organized enough to remember to audition, and they're using me in the adult chorus.  Whoo hoo!  This runs in December (near Christmas, hence the name), and they're looking for vlunteers to usher and stuff, so if you'd like to do that (and see the show for free), let me know.

Happy weekend, all!

Quiet of the wee hours

It's quiet right now, and I have had too much wine.  A difficult few days, a difficult month, a difficult week - yes, and also much that is happy and good.  It pleases me to make decisions and act on them.  So:
- Will go to San Jose for a workshop
- Dropped graduate course in molecular biology & cellular metabolism - fascinating topic, excruciating doing the work, and I kept doing a rotten job and not wanting to do anything at all.
- Registered for required seminar for master's
- Started looking at master's programs in literature (hm; I could go to England for a year...)
- Tended to my relationship with my mother

- Took care of most things I needed to; I fear I've left things undone, though.
This last reminds me of the words of the catholic "act of contrition" - the prayer says, "I have sinned ...in what I have done, and what I have failed to do."


is it just me...

... or is the title of the new movie "Furry Vengeance" evocative of totally the wrong kind of "furry"?

notes to self

(heh, talk about self-involved - jeez, much?)

New short-term running goal:  get through the two miles from house to that street and back without dying.  Google maps is such an awesome thing for planning routes!  I mapped out a 2.2 mile run last night, and tried it this morning.  

I have now discovered that if I'm going to push for 2.2 miles, it might be a good idea to make the second mile not uphill.  I have also discovered that running clothes that "wick away moisture!" might be a good idea, too, as I'm sitting here totally drenched in sweat and it's, um, interesting.

books & food

Now that I have time to point my mind at things other than schoolwork, I've been reading.  A lot.  Inhaling, really--books like potato chips.  "The Quiet Girl" was enormous fun sprinkled with observations about human nature - double plus good.  "Born to Run:  A hidden tribe, superathletes, and the greatest race the world has never seen," by Christopher McDougall, is fascinating. 

The running book premise is that hey! humans are adapted physically to run! how does that work? and what kind of running? and why do our bodies do better without running shoes?  There's some really intriguing comparative evolutionary biology thrown in, which totally made the book for me.  I went and dug out the cover story from Nature 2004 that the author refers to, and tossed it at colleagues at the museum.  Way fun.

While I was looking for the article I wanted in Nature, I noticed that my cousin is in the current issue, as an authority on molecular cell biology processes that he summarized rather nicely to introduce a couple of studies.  Gulp.  Awesome! in the original sense as well as the colloquial.

And B. posted a link to the *amazing* book he picked up at the Coop yesterday - yay! thanks!

And it was great to see you all, J. and A. and B.  Huzzah, hurray, and general rejoicing.  Brain food, real food, all kinds of good.

Grocery trip earlier than usual by a lot this morning, and I came home with piles of great produce and did things with it when I got home.  Yay!  Still ridiculously into making yogurt.  Am trying to find ways to prepare the quinoa I bought a week or so ago.  

Also:  I have an absurd amount of mint taking over again.  Anyone who wants any, drop me a line & I can unload some on you.


I solved a beastly chem problem!  Yay!  Gearing up for test on Thursday - it is solemn/ninja stuff, here.  I *have* to do brilliantly, and I *can* if I work steadily and well.  I think.  I hope.

The other huzzah:  making my own yogurt!  Which was super easy!  Got a link from a friend to a story from the NYT and voila, it works beautifully.  (Take a quart of milk, heat until it's steaming/beginning to bubble, about 180 degrees F, then let cool 'til 120 or so, add 2 tablespoons yogurt starter, which can be some commercial yogurt you have already or some yogurt saved from the last time you made yogurt or whatever.  Put the mixture into a covered container and let sit, keeping it warm, for about four hours, and then stick it in the fridge.)

Weirdly hot out.  Go figure. 


happy, happy, joy, joy

First things first:  happy birthday to geekpixie !!  You're an amazing woman and I'm happy to be your friend :)

actually that's basically second and third, too...

I sat at the computer for 10 o'clock, and YES got a ticket to see U2 on 9/21 for not hundreds and hundreds of dollars, whoo hoo!  The last time I saw them, they were up-and-coming and playing at my college (1984, I think - the "war" tour).

John Lennon once said he felt like his fans were a bunch of fellow travellers through life, and part of the point of his career was to check in with them with music, saying isn't life weird? how's it going for you? didn't the seventies suck? damn, we all made it through, isn't that amazing and great?

and spring is coming!  the grass is getting green, robins are here, daffodils and crocuses blooming at last, and once again, it feels like coming out the other end of a long, cold tunnel into warmth and light.  Yay.

down the research rabbithole...

so I have a draft version of an absurdly short writing assignment to do, and for some reason ... I keep finding more material.  I mean, it's getting silly.  VERY silly.  I do find that I'm understanding journal articles way better and faster than I used to -  this is some fairly hardcore molecular biology I'm reading, and it's cool.

But jeezus h. bicycle, enough already.

Also enough with the snow.  Bleh.